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About KO GmbH

KO GmbH is a consulting company with highly regarded experts in software development. Among our high-profile customers are Nokia, Intel, SKF, Jolla and the Dutch Government. We offer our services around the following areas of expertise:

  • Qt and QML
    We breathe and live Qt and most of our projects, mobile and desktop are developed using the Qt toolkit. Our software engineers have many years of in-depth experience with working with Qt, both C++ and QML. We are available for larger and smaller projects or for expert consultancy and training!
  • Web and Mobile
    KO has developed several web and mobile applications using HTML5 and JavaScript. We have developed WebODF, a non-destructive, non-converting OpenDocument editor and document viewer. See for more information.
  • The Calligra Suite
    Calligra is a suite of flexible office applications and components. KO GmbH provides Calligra for custom solutions such as. office applications for smartphones and tablets or as built-in document generation components for in-house applications. Calligra has been used in Nokia's N900 and N9 phones and Jolla's Sailfish OS as the standard document viewer application. Calligra is also the core reporting component in SKF's Orpheus modelling application.

About the Founders

  • CEO: Tobias Hintze

    Tobias founded his first own company in 2000, focusing on maintenance for computer networks and some smaller software developing projects. Later, he founded "threllis GmbH" in 2006 as sole shareholder as an IT company selling services and equipment for IT infrastructures, including NOC-services like hosting and colocation. Tobias has his technical expertise mainly in UNIX-systems, networking, and security.