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The employees of KO GmbH are all expert developers with a degree in Computer Science. Most of them have been working as consultants, developers and project managers for over 10 years in their respective country. We are certified Qt developers or specialists.

The Qt Toolkit

The Qt toolkit is one of the best C++ toolkits for cross-platform application development. The consultants of KO GmbH are all experts in Qt based development and most are certified Qt developers or specialists. We can offer consulting services for Qt based development, including:

  • Development of new Qt based applications
  • Porting existing applications to Qt
  • UI development using QML and Qt Quick
  • Packaging applications for multiple desktop platforms such as Windows, Linux and MacOS X
  • Packaging applications for multiple mobile platforms such as Android, Symbian and MeeGo.
  • Training


HTML5 applications combine HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript code and other technologies to create some of the most portable applications available. This approach works best with graphically oriented applications such as applications for smartphones and tablets. KO offers the following services:

  • Development of new HTML5 based applications
  • Porting existing applications to HTML5
  • UI development using HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  • Packaging applications for multiple desktop platforms such as iOS, Android and other smartphone and tablet platforms
  • Development of server side components that interact with client applications
  • Training

The Calligra Suite

Calligra is the most flexible and customizable office suite in existence and the leading free office suite for mobile platforms. It is also the easiest to embed into your own applications, e.g. as a report generator or viewer.

Calligra makes it easy to create tools tailor-made for your business, such as movie for script writers, lawyers or school children. The flexible architecture with its extensive use of plugins also makes it easy to extend the functionality in any direction that an organization needs.

KO can offer consulting services on almost any aspect of the Calligra Application Suite. Among these are:

  • Customization of Calligra, including:
    • Custom user interfaces on top of Calligra
    • Plugin development
    • Office automation using scripting
    • Workflow automation with OpenDocument (ODF)
    • Calligra component application development
  • See also the Training page

The Open Document Format

The Open Document Format (ODF) is an ISO standard that is used all over the world for storing and managing office documents. KO has expert level knowledge of ODF and can create custom solutions to any issue where ODF is involved.

We also have a high level of expertise in file format transformation of office documents, especially between MS Office formats and ODF.