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2014-06-30: WebODF 0.5 gains text editor: edit OpenDocument format files in webpages and webapps

KO GmbH and the developers of WebODF today released WebODF 0.5. After a long period of hard work, this new version features editing of OpenDocument Text files. It also contains lots of display improvements. WebODF still uses only HTML, CSS and JavaScript without any need for a special server software.

WebODF 0.5 adds an API for implementing editors for OpenDocument Format. This allows for custom extensions and adaptions to different backends and UIs. In this version there is built-in support for enabling annotations, editing of hyperlinks and predefined paragraph styles, as well as direct formatting of text and paragraphs, with more to come.

WebODF 0.5 is accompanied by the simple to use JavaScript component Wodo.TextEditor, which is built on top of WebODF 0.5. It makes it easy to add an ODT editor element e.g. to your webpage in a few lines of JavaScript.

With the 0.5 release out, future WebODF releases will be done approximately once every month to get improvements quickly into your hands. Support for realtime-collaborative editing has already been part of special WebODF variants for the document editor ownCloud Documents, added in version 6 of the cloudstorage solution ownCloud. It is currently worked on more and will be officially part of WebODF in the upcoming weeks.

Try the demos. Download the webodf.js library, the Wodo.TextEditor component and more, and enhance your webpages and HTML5 apps with viewing and editing support for ODF files. Contact KO GmbH for commercial support.

2014-04-02: Krita Available on Steam!

After a very succesful greenlight campaign that garnered over 6000 votes for Krita in just twelve days, KO GmbH has released Krita Gemini on Steam! It's still Early Access, as we're working hard to Integrate Krita Gemini more and more with the Steam platform's cloud features.

Krita Gemini is an innovative version of Krita that can morph seamlessly between desktop and tablet mode. Tablet mode is ideas for convertible ultrabooks or for painting on your big screen in the living room.

Krita Gemini is only available through the Steam Store and integrates with the steam platform to provide cloud services, workshop integration and more. Get Krita Gemini on Steam Early Access for the introduction price of 22,99€. The first full release will be made available in May!

2014-02-07: Vote for Krita on Steam!

Today started the campaign to get Krita on Valve's Steam software platform. Krita makes an excellent fit with Steam, both in Big Picture/Steam Machine mode, as well when it comes to modding games, creating textures... So what could be more natural than getting Krita into Steam? If you're a Steam user, go and vote!

2013-11-29: KO GmbH Creates Documents Application for Sailfish OS

Wednesday November 27th, Jolla presented the first Qt5-based mobile phone powered by Sailfish OS, a truly open and distinct mobile operating system.

Building on its extensive expertise in bringing sophisticated document handling to mobile platforms, KO GmbH created the Documents application for Jolla, based on the open source Calligra office engine. The Documents application allows the user to view office documents in all current formats: Microsoft Office, PDF and OpenDocument.

The Documents application is available from the Jolla Store in the Essential Apps section.

2013-10-24: KO GmbH Introduces Collaborative Document Editing for ownCloud 6 Community Edition

KO GmbH (KO) announced today collaborative editing of office documents with ownCloud 6 Community Edition, done by integrating the WebODF web document technology into ownCloud. ownCloud provides authentication and access control of documents while WebODF provides viewing and editing of the documents.

KO is the company behind WebODF, a document viewer and editor that runs completely in a web browser. WebODF can be used stand-alone in websites where only document viewing is needed. You can add these capabilities to websites by adding a very short javascript snippet. WebODF can also be packaged into HTML5 applications that work on any mobile platform. For collaborative editing a server component is required. WebODF is available under the Affero GPL and under a commercial license.

With Collaborative Document Editing, ownCloud users can now work together on the same document at the same time. This server component and access control makes ownCloud into a hub not only for file management but also for document management.

"ownCloud and the WebODF technology fit perfectly into each other," said Frank Karlitschek, CTO and co-founder of ownCloud Inc. "ownCloud provides the server framework and WebODF provides the document manipulation. Together they further the ownCloud vision of a self-controlled free and open source cloud."

Visit Frank's blog and be sure to checkout this video demonstrating ownCloud Documents.

2013-10-21: Krita Gemini 1.6 released

KO GmbH releases Krita Gemini 1.6 today. Krita Gemini 1.6 is a bug fix release.

2013-09-11: KO GmbH presents Krita Gemini

KO GmbH have created a new version of the acclaimed painting application Krita: Krita Gemini. Krita Gemini is an innovative and fun application for use with transformable ultrabooks such as the Dell XPS 12. Start in tablet mode or in desktop mode, Krita Gemini will switch when you transform your ultrabook to a tablet or the other way around!

KO GmbH worked closely with Intel to develop this innovative technology. Intel's testing lab commented "Krita Gemini is a brilliant example of how developers should utilise the option of a convertible device by using both tablet and desktop mode. The switching between the two modes works seamlessly, allowing the user to have the freedom to choose how they would like to use their device and Krita Gemini adjusts itself to their needs perfectly."

Krita Gemini features the unique switchable interface, optimized touch-screen integration both in desktop and in sketch mode and support for Wacom digitizers, also in both modes. Take your ultrabook, go out and create, come home and present your work!

Download Krita Gemini now:

2013-08-30: KO GmbH and NLnet Foundation Announce Viewer.js

KO GmbH and the NLnet Foundation today announce Viewer.js, a JavaScript based viewing application for cloud services, websites and mobile applications.

Viewer.js combines two technologies: WebODF from KO GmbH for OpenDocument based text documents, spreadsheets and presentations and PDF.js from the Mozilla foundation for PDF documents into one viewer application. The only HTML that is needed to show this advanced viewer with an embedded document in a web page is one single link. This makes it extremely simple to use and very well suited for cloud-based services where documents of any kind are involved.

With Viewer.js there is no more need to install specialized viewer applications on your user's computers. This reduces maintenance costs as well as increases security by eliminating a source of viruses and other malware.

Viewer.js is open source software licensed under the AGPL v3. You can fork the project on Github and join our development team. We are interested in supporting more formats such as other office documents and ebooks.

2013-07-16: Timothée Giet Receives KDE Akademy Award for work in the Krita Community

Timotée Giet has received the KDE Akademy award for "Shaping the future and community of Krita". The Akademy awards are the KDE communitie's recognition for outstanding actions in the community. We are glad to see that Krita and the Krita community is once again seen as an outstanding part of the KDE community.

Read more about the award at The official news is not yet available at this time on or the KDE news site

2013-07-05: Krita Sketch 1.0 Released

Today we are releasing version 1.0 of Krita Sketch! Krita Sketch is a version of Krita optimized for touch devices running Windows 7 or Windows 8 with a completely new, innovative and fun to use user interface/

Supported by Intel, KO GmbH is making Krita Sketch available for download directly from our downloads page.

2013-07-02: Krita Studio at Stockholm VFX Studio Mad Crew

2 months after the Krita Studio support and maintenance programme went active, we would like to showcase one of our typical customers: Mad Crew in Stockholm (

Mad Crew is a small to medium sized Animations and VFX studio doing mostly TV and movie commercials. After testing Krita Studio for a short time, testing it with other well-known animation software like VRay and Maya they decided to use Krita Studio as their main 2D paint solution for their Linux platform.

Fredrik Brännbacka, technical lead at Mad Crew and not one to mince words says "We are damn happy with Krita!" We have heard that many times before but that won't stop us from improving it over and over again.

KO welcomes Mad Crew to the Krita revolution and hopes that there will be a long and fruitful cooperation.

[Published with permission from Mad Crew.]

2013-04-22: KO GmbH Announces Support and Maintenance for Krita: Krita Studio

KO GmbH announces extensive support services for the award-winning professional paint application Krita. Krita is an advanced paint application with a large set of professional paint tools and which can handle extremely large images effortlessly. This makes it well suited for special effects work in the movie industry.

Krita has already been used in several Hollywood block buster movies like G.I. Joe 2 by VFX leaders such as Digital Domain. Krita has been used for many different tasks including concept art, matte painting and rotoscopy.

Until now Krita has lacked a structured support offering, something that KO GmbH, which employs several of the lead developers of Krita, sees as an opportunity. Simon Legrand, currently 3D generalist at Double Negative in London says: "It's a testament to the quality and productivity of Krita that I have been able to use it to such an extent already before the availability of company support for it." Boudewijn Rempt, maintainer of Krita and CTO at KO GmbH adds: "There is a very lively community around Krita and we are always working with the needs of our users before our eyes."

See the product page and support page for more details about Krita Studio

2013-02-10: KO GmbH Exhibits Krita Sketch at the Mobile World Congress

KO GmbH will exhibit Krita Sketch together with Intel at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 25th - 28th. Come to the Intel booth and see how you can use a professional paint tool with an Intel touch based ultrabook and Krita Sketch! The booth is the Intel booth near the entrance of the biggest hall.

UPDATE: You can read a report from the show at

2012-11-20: KO GmbH Releases First Touch Version of Krita: Krita Sketch

Krita sketch logo

KO GmbH has today released the first tablet/ultrabook version of the award-winning digital painting application Krita. Optimized for touch screens, Krita Sketch provides everything an artist needs to create great images on the go.

In partnership with Intel, Krita Sketch 1.0 for Windows 7 and Windows 8 is available for free from Intel AppUp.

Read more about Krita and Krita Sketch on

Appup logo

2012-07-01: Camilla Boemann Receives Award for Best Application at KDE Akademy

KO employee and Calligra Words maintainer Camilla Boemann and Calligra Words were selected to receive the award for best application by the jury of the Akademy awards. KDE Akademy is the yearly international conference for the KDE community of which the Calligra team is part.

We congratulate Camilla Boemann and the rest of the Calligra Words team for a well deserved award.

2012-06-25: KO Brings Krita to Windows

KO GmbH, the company which brought the Calligra application suite to Windows, Android, Maemo and MeeGo, is pleased to announce that they will start working on creating a new Windows version of the acclaimed digital painting application Krita, with funding from Intel.

The application will be called Krita Sketch. Krita Sketch will integrate with all the new touch facilities on Ultrabooks and upcoming Intel-based tablets and give new possibilities to creative artists everywhere.

"Touch", explains Krita maintainer Boudewijn Rempt, "has been consistently underused in painting applications. Let's go beyond pinch-to-zoom. Let's make it possible to smudge, smear, paint, transform and warp right in your image with your fingers. Let's bring a new level of control, of feeling to digital art. This will be fun -- but not just fun, we aim to give a real boost your productivity as an artist."

Krita already has a lively community of professional and amateur artists, as well as a dedicated developer community. In the past two years, Krita made the jump to readiness for professional artists on Linux; with this project, it will make that step on Windows as well.

Krita Sketch will be developed together with the Krita community in the Krita source repository. Official installers of the new application will be available though Intel's AppUp application store.

2012-05-22: KO Partners with Make Play Live

KO GmbH, has become a partner with Make Play Live, the company which develops and markets the Vivaldi tablets. KO has become partner in 3 categories:
Add-on Partner
Integration Partner
Enterprise Partner

Find out more details about this partnership and what it can bring to our customers on our Partner page

2012-04-25: KO Coworker in the OASIS Technical Committee for Open Document

KO GmbH is proud to announce today that our colleague C Boemann has entered the select group of members of the OASIS technical committee for the Open Document Format. Boemann is our second colleague together with J van den Oever to join the TC.

Boemann blogs about this and writes: "The initial purpose is to make recomendations and alterations for the next generation of change tracking in the ODF file format. I am working together with two other members of the TC, but, even though I'm not alone, I really feel the personal responsibility to make something good, as billions of people can potentially be affected."

2011-12-20: Experimental Calligra Installer for Windows Available

KO GmbH has made the first experimental (alpha) version of its Windows installer package for the Calligra Suite available. You can find the packages on our Download page. Please be aware that this is a very early version and that some things do not work as expected. This work has been sponsored by the NLnet Foundation.

2011-11-15: KO and SKF Will Integrate Calligra Words into SKF Design Tool Orpheus

KO GmbH and world leading ball bearing manufacturer SKF have signed a contract to integrate Calligra Words into SKF's design tool Orpheus. Orpheus helps SKF engineers design ball and roll bearings in cooperation with customers and partners. Calligra Words will be used as an embedded report generation tool that will make it possible to automatically generate and regenerate tables, figures and images.

About SKF: SKF Group is the leading global supplier of products, solutions and services within rolling bearings, seals, mechatronics, services and lubrication systems.

2011-11-03: New WebODF White Paper Published

KO GmbH has published a white paper on the technology behind WebODF. WebODF is a collection of JavaScript routines that lets you show office documents in the Open Document Format in a web browser. It can also be used to add Open Document viewing to an application using an embeddable browser component such as WebKit.

2011-10-25: Calligra is Released as Office Application in the Nokia N9 Smartphone

Mobile giant Nokia has just released the Linux based N9 model. Among the applications that are bundled with the smartphone the user will find the office application Harmattan Office.

Harmattan Office is a document viewer based on the Calligra Office Engine which is part of the open-source Calligra Suite and developed in cooperation with KO GmbH. This application provides an advanced viewer for documents in the OpenDocument Format, binary Microsoft Office documents, and Microsoft OOXML documents, as well as PDF. Read more at the home page of the Calligra Suite.

2010-12-06: KOffice becomes Calligra

Recognizing that the KOffice core engine is these used in many places, and for many kinds of applications, the KOffice community have decided to use the migration from subversion to git to also rename the suite to Calligra.

2010-12-01: WebODF Screencast Demo Available

There is now a screencast video available showing WebODF in action and explaining some technical background.

2009-11-24: KOffice 2.1.0 Released

KOffice version 2.1 was announced today, 6 months after the first release of the 2.x series. This version brings many bugfixes and improved stability to all components. As examples of new features, we see text tables for KWord and support for SVG filter effects in Karbon. Krita and Karbon are now considered mature enough for real work. See the official announcement for more details.

2009-10-11: Office Viewer on the Nokia N900 uses KOffice as Engine

At the Maemo Summit 2009 in Amsterdam, it was announced that the Office Viewer application for the Nokia N900 will be based on KOffice. At the conference, Suresh Chande of Nokia gave a presentation on the office viewer applications, and used the viewer on the device itself to give the presentation.

2009-05-30: KO Gmbh Invited by Dutch Government to ODF Plugfest

KO Gmbh, the leading support company for KOffice was today invited to take part in a major interoperability event for OpenDocument based office applications: the ODF Plugfest. The invitation was extended by Frank Heemskerk, Netherlands Minister for Foreign Trade. The event will take place in the Hague at June 15th and 16th.

2009-05-28: KOffice 2.0.0 Released

After more than 3 years of development, KOffice 2.0.0 was finally released today. This release is a so called "platform release", which is aimed at developers rather than end users. Still, it is a very important milestone in the life of KOffice, and KO congratulates the KOffice team for the achievement. See the official announcement for more details.

2008-01-09: KO GmbH Founded

KO GmbH with main offices in Magdeburg, Germany, today starts its activity in Germany, Sweden, and the Netherlands. KO GmbH will offer professional services around the open source OpenDocument-based KOffice office suite. KO GmbH will allow KOffice to be used in companies and organizations that demand high quality support and training for OpenDocument deployment.
See the full press release

2007-12-10: KO Founder Speaks at KDE Release Event

Inge Wallin, co-founder of KO GmbH was today announced as a speaker at the KDE release event in Mountain View, California on january 18th 2008. Inge will speak about the future of KOffice.